Journey through this 3 level demo of Sammy the Squirrel, a 2D platformer where you lead Sammy through the Rocky Hills. Throw acorns to defeat any enemies in your way! 


  • Created in Construct 2
  • Hand-Drawn Art Style
  • Side-Scrolling Action
  • 2D Platforming Environment
  • Acorn Throwing, Double Jumping and Ladder Climbing!
  • Boss Battles
  • Keyboard, Touch and Gamepad Controls
  • High Score Tracking


Aritst and Level Design: Zach Binder
Programming, Music and Animation: Evan Leider

Additional Programming: Construct 2 MoveTo Behavior by rexrainbow

Font: Acorny - SIL Open Font License v1.10 (
acorny-regular.woff: Copyright (c) 2011-2012, Sorkin Type Co 
( with Reserved Font Name ‘Kavoon’

Acorny is based on the typeface Kavoon, designed by Viktoriya Grabowska and is licensed under the SIL Open Font License 1.10 by Sorkin Type Co. The only differences are the font has been converted and modified to work as a WOFF web font.

Install instructions

Installer (Recommended): Download and run the installer executable, then follow the on-screen instructions to install and play the game.

Standalone .zip: Download and extract the .zip. In the extracted game folder, open the README.txt for instructions. Run Sammy the Squirrel Demo.exe to play the game.


SammyDemoWindowsInstaller.exe 67 MB
Download 70 MB

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